Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Drawings for John Kelly, Musician, Work in progress

John Kelly is a musician who lives with a severe physical disability - but it's not held him back. He's had a guitar specially designed for his needs, and is touring his new album all over the place, from Wales to Holland! 

He asked me to do some drawings for his new album, each drawing is in response to a song on the album. These will be used as a printed insert for the physical CD (I know, old school!). 

John sings from the heart and his life has been devoted to fighting for disability rights and making his and others' voices heard. 


Monday, 30 May 2022

Conference season in Full Swing

Things in conference-land seem to have fully returned to normal so I've been working on conferences in real life again. People seem genuinely pleased to see each other and I'm glad to be getting out and about, sometimes to some swanky venues. 

Here's me in one of them in central London,  surrounded two days' worth of drawings that I worked on with a colleague. 


Tuesday, 24 May 2022


I sell cards through the Southbank Printmakers Gallery next to the Oxo Tower in central London, as well as my screen prints. https://www.southbankprintmakers.com/sandra-howgate

Here are a selection of the rectangular ones:

Columbia Road Flower Market:

Flower Head:

Gardening Break:

Gardener's World:

Lazy London Gardener:


No-Dig Gardening:

Smelling Basil:

Tea Dance:

Tree Hugger:

Tree Picnic:

Eating out in London:

Flowers for you:

...and square ones:

Gardening Together:

Arbour Ardour:

Bike Garden:

City Break:

Dog Time:

London Fields Lido:

Loving London:


Mowing Love:

Pedal Pleasure:

Secret Corner, Regents Park:

Waiting for Spring:

Monday, 23 May 2022

Future Water Association - Reducing Leakage

This was done a few months before the pandemic started, but as I'm working for another water company later in the week, I thought I'd put it up and see how the ideas compare. 

This meeting involved stakeholders from various parts of the water industry, all coming together to talk about leaks, and what they could do to reduce this kind of waste. 

There was an expert from Denmark - who stunned the room by saying that every pipe in Denmark was mapped out, so locating a leak was much easier. Everyone agreed this would be a game changer in the UK.


Anatomy of a logo design

I was asked to create a logo for a local authority department, (which is the top image below). The cohort wanted to spread the word about what they do and feel that they had an identity they could amplify.

In case you're interested about process, I have also shown the iterations that went on to get to the final design, kicking off with the notes from the initial briefing call, through various colour waves in response to group feedback. 

It was truly a co-designed job in action!


Future Water Association - Water Dragons 2022

I was asked back for another round of this annual event. I'm hoping that Proteus's design is put into action soon. Pollution levels in England's rivers are currently very high and need monitoring, as well as more attention from the water industry.