Monday, 8 December 2014

Graphic Facilitation for The Railway Children - Launch 8th December at Aviva, London

Over the summer I worked for The Railway Children, recording a research project into the different journeys that young people make when they run away. 

The launch of the research project took place today on the top floor of Aviva insurance, a major supporter of the charity. Newsreader Jon Snow was also there and he gave a short presentation as Chair of New Horizon Youth Centre who worked in partnership with The Railway Children on this project.

It all felt quite exciting, and wow, what a view!

The two main journeys were circular and linear. More information can be found here:

My images were used throughout to illustrate the research project publication, here is a sample:

Thanks to Jane Thompson for hiring me and the young people from New Horizons Youth Centre for their hard work and commitment.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Permanent Visual Minutes

This last week I've really had a lot of fun, working in a new 'innovation space' within a company, to inspire and encourage employees to think creatively and to enable problem solving. 

The room has been launched as a space to cross pollinate ideas, with the aim of making the business more agile. 

I recorded people's thoughts and ideas, and then was asked to draw them on the blinds of the innovation room, as a lasting memory of the launch.