Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Climate Change Conversation, Jersey

All the ideas here, weeks run clockwise from top left:

 Thanks to Irenie Ekkeshis from the New Citizenship Project for asking me to illustrate this project.

Climate Change Jersey

Below I illustrated 2 more weeks of the Climate Change Conversation for the island of Jersey.

More info on the project is here:

Sea grasses are our underwater friends - we definitely need to plant more of them!

More on a current (amazing!) project here:

Central icons designed by:

Climate Change on the island of Jersey

A project commissioned by the government of Jersey and the New Citizenship Project:

This was a citizen's assembly held over several weeks to discover both the opinions and interest of the local population in tackling this weighty subject.

These are the first 3 out of the six weeks: 'Heating',  'Travel' and 'Why talk about it?'

The central icons were designed by:

Thanks to Irenie Ekkeshis from NCP for commissioning me.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Healthy Start Promotion

These posters (plus e-signature) were commissioned to promote the uptake of healthy eating vouchers in Merton. I'm hoping the word gets out and more people feel they can access this great support!

Friday, 12 March 2021

Sound Connections - Inclusive Practice in Action

Day 2 of this powerful and moving conference, all about race and racism and how it affects children in music education. A group of educators and musicians came together to discuss this subject and learn from each other.

More on Sound Connections here:

Thanks to John Kelly: for asking Abi D'Amore to get me involved!

Music in Education Event: with a focus on Anti-Racism

Powerful first day of the 'Inclusive Practice in Action' 2-day online conference. This started with a talk by the head of Inclusion and Diversity, Adidas, Asif Sadiq:

The event was skilfully compered by Brenda Rattray:

This was a very powerful testimony by Deborah Williams:

More 'Provocations' from Dr Melanie-Marie Haywood, SOAS University:

Dr Muna Abdi's talk - also really interesting and got to the core of the issue:

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Young Covid-19 Champions short film

As part of the ongoing COVID-19 Community Champions project, this short film was created to show locally in southwest London schools:

Of course, as soon as we'd made it, all the government guidance changed, so we had to make quite a few additions and changes, c'est la vie at the moment! 

This film was skilfully edited by Richard Lohan.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Live Scribing to help fight the ravages of COVID-19

An ongoing project for a London council in collaboration with Young Covid-19 Community Champions, this week's session focussed on mental health.