Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Catch 22

Last Thursday evening I was helping Asi Panditharatna to celebrate the first birthday of Catch 22's department of Apprenticeship and Employability. Catch 22 is a social business and already a lead provider of apprenticeships and other employability services.

Read more about their inspiring work here: 


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Free floating

A new 3 colour screen print exploring the wonderful world of vegetables. I love butternut squash but this year mine turned out a bit wee. 

You'd never guess though from the size they are in this image..hey ho, at least they inspired a print !

Friday, 22 November 2013

Busy week

This week I worked for Merton C.I.L. a charity enabling disabled people to have more autonomy in their lives, drawings for a multinational consumer goods company (I know, mysterious!) and for Catch 22, a fabulous social business promoting apprenticeships. More work for them coming up next month.

Consumer goods company first - this was a super-fast brain-storming exercise to create a metaphor that could be communicated through the layers of staff within the company:

And work for Merton Centre for Independent Living here - this was a consultation day for disabled people in Merton to voice their concerns, these were then addressed to local councillors who arrived for questions later in the afternoon:

Visual Minutes in Surrey

Last week I was helping to capture a morning listening to young people's thoughts and needs, addressing different issues from drugs to online safety. They were a bit shy to start with, but loved having their portraits on the wall !