Friday, 9 August 2013

Incredible Edible Table at Kew Gardens

My drawings are on display in Kew Gardens !

Many thanks to Kirsti Davies for getting me involved in this wonderful project. For more info please check out the table's story here:

And if you have a chance before it comes down in the Autumn, the table is on display in the Rose Garden. It's massive, you can't miss it !

"Before and After" Mugs


The idea for this is that the figure undergoes a transformation from one side of the mug to the other.

Mug Hug !

In January I produced a number of images for ceramics - this is for a comforting hot drink. 

The 'hugging' figure wraps around the entire mug.

Cycling Tea Towel

This is printed onto cotton, I had a small run of 100 printed and they were being sold at the cycling shop 'Look Mum No Hands' on Old Street in London.

Ceramic Tiles

Just trying some ideas out here, using scraffito and pigments onto Terracotta tiles.

Inky Fingers


Screenprinting is the process of squeezing ink through a fine mesh, and layering each image colour by colour. Above are the coloured inks I've mixed and some images drying on the racks. The one that needs an extra layer is 'Salad Days'.

Wine Glasses

A variation on 'beer goggles' - wine's effect on mind and vision after a drink or two...

This drawing will also be included in  Hubert's new book coming out in September 'How to Sound Really Clever' published by Bloomsbury.

I have done the cover and all the drawings inside it:

Salad Days

This is a screenprinted version of a drawing I did for this book by Hubert van den Bergh which will be coming out in the autumn:

Tree Hugger

The last of the Tree-trilogy (well, for now anyway!)

This one is about my emotional attachment to orchards, copses, forests and woodland and all things arboreal, coupled with the need to care for and protect the trees we have around us.

A Tree Picnic

To continue the tree theme, here is perhaps Cosimo, after he's grown up and found someone madly enough in love with him to join him up in his tree-life.

This is a limited edition of 23 (it just turned out that way!) it is a 2 colour screenprint. I printed it at Thames Barrier print studio in the spring.

Cosimo - The Boy Who Lived in the Trees

This screenprinted image is inspired by Italo Calvino's story 'The Baron in the Trees' about a boy who decides to leave his future responsibilities as an adult behind, for a life spent in the tree canopy. Here I imagine him dreaming of his 'tree-life' to come.

Since January I've been screenprinting at the Thames Barrier Print Studio.:

It's a lovely bright spacious studio by the river, run by the lovely Carolyn Nicoll. If you're looking for a place to print, it's well worth a visit.

Nosey Cups

I have had a bit of a blog-break, but here are some nose-cups from a ceramics course I did earlier in the year, more to come !