Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Drawing styles

I was recently asked to draw an image as a present for someone who uses wild swimming up in the wilds of Scotland to combat low mood. And yes, that is ice in the water!

Thought I'd put some images up from other more personal styles here from the archive - it was lovely to get the watercolours out again.

Favourite pub down by the coast...

My allotment in winter:

Another favourite place - London Fields Lido, back in pre-social distancing times!!! Hand drawn, but coloured in with bright, brash, digital colour.

Some dog appreciation time - always good for the soul!

Wild swimming in rivers, can be spooky:

Some illustrations for 'The Happiness Newspaper' - happiness is in short supply at the moment, but just a reminder, (it does exist!)

Wedding present for a very lovely dear friend, and her now wife!

This was inspired by a photograph of the woman who created the Minnack Theatre in Cornwall, Rowena Cade. She had such a strong vision for the place, it clings to the cliff edge and is naturally dramatic. (The adjacent beach is also so stunning and unspoilt. Big climb!)

 Part of a story about my characterful, unforgettable Austrian Grandmother: