Wednesday, 26 June 2019

School for CEOs - Graphic Recording, London

Some recent work for The School for CEOs involved a photographer documenting the day, and for once he got me talking to the group - it's usually just the back of my head on display!

Runway is a training programme and interactive workshop for managers that the school teaches several times a year in London and Edinburgh.

Thanks to the School for CEOs for sharing:

and to the photographer:

Hackney CCG - Graphic Recording London

This was an away day for Hackney CCG to focus on their journey so far and where they want to focus their energies. I was there to capture the meeting as it unfolded. 

The challenge is that it's a very complicated structure, and the event was also a process of looking back and then forward to what the future will hold - so I did my best to capture it all!

Public Health England - Graphic Recording in London

Had a really fun and inspiring day with the staff at Public Health England. I was there to capture the spirit and energy of the day, and to make it even more memorable post-event.