Friday, 27 June 2014

Graphic Recording in London

On Wednesday I was working for Creative Connection collecting people's thoughts at the QE2 conference centre in Westminster. The conference was focussed on a new IT system called the Public Sector Network (PSN).

The question we were asked to put up was "Why Are You Here?" And it has to be said that some people did struggle to find a response! But here are some of them:

Action Camp 2014 - Visual Recording

Last weekend I was up in Stafford working for

I worked alongside Jenny Capon and Rowan Watts, on a 4 day residential weekend of workshops and meetings.

There was loads of passion, enthusiasm and action from everyone involved in the run-up to their pitch to MP Nick Hurd and the Big Lottery Fund on Monday morning, as well as time for music, dance and..face painting !

The posters that we created were put up around the site for the 450 visitors to Action Camp to see what was going on in all the workshops, talks and fun 'happenings' over the four days. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Family Tree

I was asked to do a private commission - so here is Tom's family, up a tree having an imaginary picnic.

I say imaginary as most parents would be slightly nervous about hanging out in a tree with their children!

Thursday, 5 June 2014


This is for a pitch for an animation about kidney failure in children.
The client wants something uplifting so I hope this hits the right note.

Dad tries to explain

At the hospital everything was turning kidney-shaped

Happy kidneys happy kid