Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Citizenship Project and Parkinson's UK

This event held in Cardiff, Wales, brought together people affected by Parkinson's in order to find out what helped empower them and make them feel part of a community.

It was very moving to hear people's stories and I was humbled by how resilient and generous the people in the room were, especially those who volunteer their time to support others, despite living with Parkinson's.

What came through repeatedly was the warmth of the local community, and how that had helped people pull through and forge new friendships.

I also learnt a word in Welsh: 'Cwtch'. There is no direct translation into English.
A cwtch is a cuddle or hug, but its other meaning is a safe place to store things, and it's a much more bear-like hug than its English counterpart!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Visual Minutes London

This was an afternoon's workshop with local stakeholders in The Living Centre, which is housed in the new Frances Crick building next to Kings Cross St Pancras, London.

It was held by Camden Council's Public Health department and is part of a three year project to tackle obesity in the ward.