Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Human Resources: The Home Office

The Home Office is trying to recruit more people from all backgrounds to reflect the society we live in. Encouraging diversity and inclusion all the way up through the grades, to senior civil servant level (or SCS in Home Office parlance).

I really liked this quote, to show true inclusion: "not just being asked to the party, but also being asked to dance at the party".

There were some really encouraging stories, especially in the case of school outreach programmes in order to change perceptions early on.

Thanks to Sarah Boulton from Realise for asking me to scribe this event:

Visual minutes: Young People's Mental Health - Bexley, London

Quite simply: a wonderful day. 

Earlier in the year I was asked to scribe at a young people's conference on mental health. This was a day of sharing methodology and stories to end stigma regarding mental ill-health. 

Lots of great work happening, and the teenagers who are mental health champions within their schools were truly inspiring.

I was commissioned through Scribing Magic Ltd.

Sketch notes for Microsoft

For this event I was using sketch-notes to tell the story of new developments in Microsoft's 'Bot' architecture and how their technology can partner with various businesses. 

I interviewed the people involved and then captured their journey after I'd digested the information and had a chance to think it through. A slightly more measured approach to graphic recording.

The technical side was beyond me, but the outcomes for companies and their customers were far more understandable - the technology is developing so fast but it has to have a human-centric interface.

Thanks to Lloyd Pestell at Courage Media for getting me involved in this project.