Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Community and Schools Work, Derby

I'll be working up in Derby in June, and as part of the event I was asked to create a poster for teachers. All of the actions included in the poster aim to promote inclusion.

I'm hoping that these reminders help create a ripple effect of listening, empathy and kindness.


Merton Peer Research Poster

I was asked to visually summarise a review into the services provided for children and young people in care, in several London boroughs. 

Unsurprisingly the effects of cuts to local services has had an effect on how well these vulnerable children and teenagers feel supported.


Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge

Had a fascinating day scribing at this research-based conference a couple of weeks ago in Cambridge.

How can we use research to create safer more inclusive communities? How can universities use their knowledge and influence to affect change in the wider society? Discuss.

Nottingham City Council

Some more recent work from last week (things are very busy at the moment!) this time for Nottingham Council in collaboration with Nottingham University. 

This was for the first children's social care conference for quite a while, and people were very glad to get together again after such a lot of online gatherings.

The mighty Professor Eileen Munro was also present and gave an interactive workshop in the afternoon.

Children's Trust Board, London Borough of Merton

I listened to an online meeting and then created a graphic record of this annual meeting. 

The image will be blown up to a large poster size and put on the office wall to remind and inspire people in their day to day working lives - of all the great work done, and everything still to come!

Grassroots work with Volunteering Matters and the GLA

Second job of the year with Volunteering Matters, and the GLA, focussing on upskilling community groups and bring people together for collective action.

Partly a workshop and partly an opportunity to share stories for inspiration and food for thought.

This was held at the pioneering Bromley-By-Bow centre in east London. Thanks to Volunteering Matters for inviting me back, and the GLA for funding this project.

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Digital Scribing - University of Winchester

Yesterday I was working as a digital scribe in Winchester. This event was titled 'Digital Health and Wellbeing' and the way the NHS is moving care to be more about self-managed care. There were clinicians, a computer scientist and patients, starting the conversations and learnings for the week - it's fascinating because it's the future of healthcare, but in many ways it's already here.

 Beautiful new building and calming central atrium space!