Friday, 25 September 2015

Graphic Recording, The Dragon School, Oxford

This was for a march on the 24th September, aimed at educating and motivating children to be more engaged with the subject of climate change. It included a personal appearance by Professor Ian Goldin of The Oxford Martin School.

The children dressed up as animals to highlight the threat of extinction, carried globes and banners, and basically had a great time, while also learning about the current threats to the planet.

I was there to illustrate the complex area of causes, effects and solutions to climate change, and to absorb the atmosphere and capture the speeches at the end, and this was all outside in one of the parks.

By coincidence, on that same day Gaia Vince was awarded the Royal Society's Science Book of the year award for her book 'Adventures in the Anthropocene' :

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Graphic Recording in London

Last week I was working with Helen Cooke from My Plus Consulting recording the thoughts and ideas that came up in the 'Graduate Recruiters Disability Cafe Club'

We were on the 9th floor of this law firm's office next to the mayor's office at More London. 

It rained all day, but the moody lighting has its charms! The Thames looked very dramatic. Better get used to it now that autumn is here...