Wednesday, 23 February 2022

FLARE logo design

I was asked by a London local authority to create a logo for a parenting group that comes together to discuss ways of safeguarding children in southeast London. They are looking to expand and wanted a visual identity to help with that.

The local group name is FLARE and they wanted to reflect the friendly and inclusive nature of the group in their logo, and also welcome fathers and people from all backgrounds.

Process for logo designs: I have a briefing call with the client/s, and as it was in January 2022 this was done over Zoom. My questions focussed on the aims of the group and how they wanted to be depicted and what they wanted to amplify. 

I usually sketch and share ideas while we speak to help with the process. Then I go away and have a think, add colour and then share and wait for client feedback.

Depending on the feedback I iterate once further if needed, or else move on to drawing up the final design.

This time was a straightforward process and went from this little sketch, on to the coloured version below, and then to the final version above.

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