Tuesday, 15 February 2022

National Voices - Storytelling for 'Voices for Improvement'

This was a collaborative project with the charity National Voices https://www.nationalvoices.org.uk/

National Voices have undergone a significant change process in order to bring more experts-by-experience into their organisation, and they wanted to document the journey they've been on, as they now offer a coaching and mentoring service for other organisations. This is the story of 'Voice for Improvement':

Process: we met and I was talked through the brief. I showed various examples of how to tackle telling the story/presenting the information. In the end, because it was quite a lot of info we opted for 3 separate storyboards. The work on the storyboards started with the client, and this sketch was done by the client and circulated with her team to ensure she'd not missed anything:

We then discussed it on a zoom call and amended as needed, going through the language and visuals to check it was communicating what was needed = complete sketch-carnage!

Afterwards I drew up the final images and they were circulated for a final check and any amends that were needed. This process started in the autumn, and the majority of the initial sketch work was done by the client, so I'm grateful for their input, as it's become a truly collaborative piece of work.

With thanks to Keymn and Rachel from National Voices, it's been a really enjoyable process.

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