Wednesday, 30 March 2022

COVID-19 Restrictions are ending in England

 ...but rates are still soaring in other parts of the UK, especially Scotland. How are you feeling about this?

I was asked by a local disability charity to illustrate their members' thoughts around the ending of restrictions. I think I'm more on the cautious side still, but I am glad things are slowly getting back to normal.

This is in case you're wondering about the working process: I start with a briefing call with clients about the job, what they're trying to achieve/say, who their audience is and what are the outputs that they want to use, this includes what medium (print/digital) and the size and dimensions of the image. They supply the material that they want me to illustrate usually in written form and from all of that information I suggest a format/layout like a solution to a design brief.

I then draw up a rough and then go through this on a call to make sure I'm using the right kind of imagery, so just sharing my 'roughs' below. I also ask for information about representation and usually some form of reference material so I get the right age and background of the people being drawn.

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