Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Citizens Climate Change Assembly - Land Use

This subject was very emotive. Perhaps because the symbolism of Hereford beef cattle is a strong one in Herefordshire (not surprising really!), and being asked to eat differently, eg a more plant-based diet, is a very personal incursion into people's lives.

I think it's going to be a tough one to shift. The other two subjects of Transport and Buildings are equally tough to change because of the huge costs and massive infrastructure changes - and this all should have been attended to years ago (as they've been doing in Sweden and Germany). It's a mammoth task.

I found 'Regen Ben's' talk the most inspiring, because he was watching his farm flourish and he saw it happening in years not decades. My hat is off to him and all farmers who are adapting and trying to make nature flourish while keeping us all fed!

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