Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Graphic recording - at a wedding!

This was such a lovely day. On 30th December I attended a couple's wedding in Brighton.

It was classic 'Brighton Boho' with a camper van to take the bride to the registry office, 7 glorious bridesmaids dressed in deepest red, and even a golden retriever as the second ring bearer!

From start to finish it was just fantastic, as well as the couple and their family and friends being a very merry crowd, and it gave me loads of material to 'draw on', which I did in this beautiful Fabriano sketchbook:

After the event I collated all of the sketches and drawings from photos in to one big 'story of the day' and the couple will have it printed onto an A2 size canvas for their memories to live on:

Many thanks for the opportunity to work on this Carol, Naomi and Paul!