Friday, 10 July 2020

Kick The Dust - National Lottery Heritage Fund

Last month I was asked to capture a virtual live event with a cohort of young people who are working within the heritage sector. 

'Kick the Dust' is an umbrella term for several heritage projects. It's a chance for younger people to get involved in the sector, add their perspective and skills, and hopefully improve things/shake things up a bit!

We were all still locked-down at that point, but the stories of resilience and just 'keeping on going' were really inspiring. One of the positives from remote working was that suddenly young people's digital skills came to the fore, and they were now being asked for advice and could contribute even more. 

This was the full day:

These were some of the individual talks given by the young people:

Some of the questions raised by the new ways of working, plus their responses to the challenges below:

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