Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Virtual Scribing - with an iPad and Zoom

So - virtual scribing from home this week (and probably for the foreseeable future!)

I'm on a steep virtual learning curve this week. Today I was working for Future Water Association's Water Dragons - A Dragon's Den for the world of water:

Here are all of the pitches together and then one by one:

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Live drawing for 'Booktrust'

As a bookworm I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to work for the charity 'Booktrust': a national charity that aims to get children reading.

The project is called 'My Dream Reading Adventure' and primary school children were asked to come up with ideas on this theme. These images were drawn while the children were digging deeper into their selection of ideas and I coloured them in digitally afterwards.

The children were fully of energy, enthusiasm and ideas: oh to be 8 again!

Thanks to Booktrust for asking me to get involved, here is a link in case you want further information about the charity:

London Fire Brigade 2020

Phew, it's already March, but back in January I was really delighted to work for the London Fire Brigade as my first job of 2020.

As I'd not worked for LBF before, we worked out a plan of the image together. This is a fruitful way of working, as with co-creation the end result can be more useful post-event. The client said the puzzle symbolism would work well with the story of their future development so I sketched out a basic plan, including the high level themes the group would explore:

And this plan is reflected in the final image:

Thursday, 16 January 2020

A selection of work from last year

Last year was a busy one!

Here is a selection of images from some of my lovely live scribing clients. Please do get in touch if I can support your organisation this year.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

London Graphic Recording - Resolution Foundation and UCL

Complex and interesting afternoon - exploring the multiple inequalities in the UK today, and how it is affecting health, housing, education and work throughout people's lives. This was a research project commissioned by UCL and the Resolution Foundation.

More about the project here:


London Graphic Recording - Hackney ACEs Workshop

Quite an emotional meeting - how Adverse Childhood Experiences reverberate through life, and how many amazing people are trying to help ease people's suffering. This was held by the Public Health team in Hackney over the summer.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

School for CEOs - Graphic Recording, London

Some recent work for The School for CEOs involved a photographer documenting the day, and for once he got me talking to the group - it's usually just the back of my head on display!

Runway is a training programme and interactive workshop for managers that the school teaches several times a year in London and Edinburgh.

Thanks to the School for CEOs for sharing:

and to the photographer: